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Inflatable Bed Wedge


An inflatable bed wedge is just that.....a bed wedge.

The only different thing about this bed wedge, though, is that you inflate it with air instead of having it filled with foam or padding.

This is good for a lot of reasons, and it can actually end up better than a traditional bed wedge.

Want to know why? Well, here are just a few of the reasons.

For one, it is inflatable. This means that it fills with air, so it will be lightweight, and you can adjust how much air is in it by letting more air out or putting more back in.

Second, it is easily stored by letting the air out. With a normal bed wedge, you need to store it as it is all of the time...in a big wedge shape. Now, a bed wedge might be the perfect shape to keep someone comfortable in a bed, but have you ever tried to store one in your top dresser drawer? You can’t....because it is way too big.

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An inflatable bed wedge, on the other hand, can be deflated as well as inflated, meaning that you can let the air out and fold it up as small as you need it to be. With this angle, you could actually put a bed wedge that has been deflated into a shoe box! It is actually that easy to store!

And of course, you can use an inflatable bed wedge pillow for everything that you could use a regular one for, just make sure that the outer covering does not get punctured, or your bed wedge will get pretty flat pretty fast!

If you are thinking of getting an inflatable wedge pillow, here are some things to think about. First of all, remember that not all bed wedges are the same size, so take into account what size you will need before ordering. There are usually not completely different sized bed wedges, but the size does change from brand to brand and from make to model.

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So, if you need a specific size, make sure to find out how big it is. (Keep in mind, too, that you can let a little bit of air out if you need to in order to make the inflatable wedge smaller, but too much air let out makes it awkward to lay on, as you tend to “sink” down into it!)

Price is not a huge concern for inflatable bed wedges, especially considering the fact that they are often actually cheaper than non-inflatable bed wedges. Mainly, you just want to remember that they are also not quite as sturdy, so utilizing a little bit of caution (and keeping the cat away from it!) can really increase the life of your inflatable bed wedge!

Inflatable bed wedges help to make many people a lot more comfortable every single day, and they can do the same for you. Just keep them close at hand in case you need one, and you cannot go wrong. 

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